Daily Mail Historical Archive 1896-2004 [Gale]
Indexing and full text of every page, including advertisements and images, in the Daily Mail, published in London since 1896 for the "middle class/middle market." Can be cross searched with the London Times, the Illustrated London News, and/or the Times Literary Supplement - select Gale NewsVault from the library's database A-Z list.
Discovery portal for electronic disserations and theses in all fields submitted to research universities in 28 European countries. 
Dictionary of Old English Corpus
Full text database of 3,047 Old English texts.
Digital Public Library of America [DPLA]
Aggregates digital collections from various institutions across the United States and serves as both a simple search portal and as a development platform with which online exhibitions etc. can be built. 
Provides text and images from the back issues of over 100 periodicals in economics, English languages, geology, Germanic languages, history, law, librarianship, philology, Romance languages, the sciences, and sociology. (Mostly in German.)
Wheaton College's digital repository and digital collections facilitate the online discovery of digitized analog materials held in the College's Special Collections and Archives, as well as born-digital faculty, student and collaborative research. Selection and prioritization of content for digital collections are implemented by Digital Initiatives Department (DID). Wheaton College’s digital collections are curated by the DID to provide resources that may be of research, teaching and learning value to the Wheaton community and the scholarly community at-large.
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