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Comprehensive index (with some fulltext links) of scholarly literature in business and economics—articles, working papers, book chapers, etc.—based on the extensive catalog of Germany's Leibniz Information Centre for Economics (formerly German National Library of Economics). 
Indexes and abstracts journal articles, books, book reviews, working papers, and dissertations in economics. A ProQuest database, 1969 - present. 
Note: EconLit uses the JEL classification, which can be found under "thesaurus" in this ProQuest version of the database. 
Educator's Reference Complete [Gale]
Full text periodicals, reports and reference sources for teachers and school administrators. Access provided by the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners.
Encyclopedia Britannica Online
Online equivalent of the Encyclopaedia Britannica. Also includes articles not included in the print edition, the Merriam-Webster Dictionarythe Britannica Book of the Year, and an editorially selected directory of links.
Encyclopedia of Animal Behavior
Provides comprehensive coverage of the usual topics in animal behavior, such as communication, learning, sexual selection, navigation, and the history of the field, plus emerging topics in cognition, animal welfare, conservation, and applications of animal behavior.
Encyclopedia of Applied Psychology
The electronic version of the three-volume Encyclopedia of Applied Psychology encompasses applications of psychological knowledge and procedures in all areas of psychology.
Encyclopedia of Biodiversity
Major themes include the evolution of biodiversity, systems for classifying and defining biodiversity, ecological patterns and theories of biodiversity, and an assessment of contemporary patterns and trends in biodiversity.
Encyclopedia of Cognitive Science
A fully searchable collection of articles by scientists and historians with emphasis on the workings of the mind and brain.
Encyclopedia of Food Sciences and Nutrition
The electronic version of the 10 volume Encyclopedia of Food Sciences and Nutrition provides a comprehensive coverage of the fields of food science, food technology, and nutrition.
Encyclopedia of Genetics
Provides the most complete and authoritative coverage of genetics ever published.
Encyclopedia of Life Sciences
A fully searchable collection of articles by scientists and historians in the life sciences.
Encyclopedia of Psychotherapy
This electronic version of the Encyclopedia of Psychotherapy covers the major psychotherapies currently in practice as well as the classical approaches, identifies the scientific studies conducted on the efficacy of the therapies and reviews the theoretical basis of each therapy.
Encyclopedia of Research Design
The Encyclopedia of Research Design, edited by Neil J. Salkind, is a collection of entries written by scholars in the field of research design, the discipline of how to plan and conduct empirical research, including the use of both quantitative and qualitative methods.
Encyclopedia of Special Education
"A comprehensive resource for those working in the fields of special education research and practice. Featuring reviews of assessment instruments and teaching approaches, legal issues, overviews of specific learning disabilities, dozens of biographies, and more."
Encyclopedia of the Neurological Sciences
The concise entries in The Encyclopedia of the Neurological Sciences explore all areas of the discipline on a wide variety of topics in neurology, neurosurgery, psychiatry and other related areas of neuroscience.
Indexes documents and journal articles in the field of education. A ProQuest database, 1966 - present.

ERIC is also available on the open web through the US Department of Education (no sign-in needed for off-campus access).
Ethnic NewsWatch
Full text database of articles from newspapers, magazines and journals of the ethnic, minority and native press. Ethnicities include: African American/Caribbean/African; Arab/Middle Eastern; Asian/Pacific Islander; European/Eastern European; Hispanic; Jewish; Native People. A ProQuest database, 1959 - present.
European Views of the Americas: 1493-1750 [EBSCO]
A comprehensive guide to printed records about the Americas written in Europe before 1750. Based on the bibliography European Americana: A Chronological Guide to Works Printed in Europe Relating to the Americas, 1493-1750 published in the 1980's by staff of the John Carter Brown Library, Brown University.