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Britannica Online Restricted Resource Some full text available Resource contains images Resource contains video Resource contains audio
Online equivalent of the Encyclopaedia Britannica. Also includes articles not included in the print edition, the Merriam-Webster Dictionarythe Britannica Book of the Year, and an editorially selected directory of links.
Dictionary of Untranslatables Restricted Resource
This is a dictionary of philosophical, literary, and political terms and concepts that defy easy--or any--translation from one language and culture to another. Drawn from more than a dozen languages, these terms are thoroughly examined in all their cross-linguistic and cross-cultural complexities. 
Credo Reference Restricted Resource Some full text availableopenURL Resource contains images
Digital library of over 700 cross-searchable reference books in a wide variety of disciplines. A great starting point for your research that also leads you right to the library catalog and other databases.
OED Online Restricted Resource
Full text of the 20 volumes of the OED, the 3 volume Additions Series, as well as at least 1,000 new and revised entries added quarterly. The OED is the leading authority on the evolution of the English language over the last millenium, providing information on the meaning, history, and pronunciation of over half a million words.
Wikipedia Some full text available Resource contains images
Collaboratively built general-purpose encyclopedia, unmatched in its breadth (the English-language version alone now boasts well over 3 million articles), but potentially not always representing the most reliable or state-of-the-art points of view. Available in a multitude of languages (including all taught at Wheaton). Also a great resource for visual sources. 
Internet Movie Database openURL
A free, searchable database of films, television shows and people (actors, directors, etc) associated with them.


Oxford Bibliographies Online: Medieval Studies Restricted Resource openURL
Offers peer-reviewed annotated bibliographies on specific topics in a specific subject area. Includes guides to introductory works, textbooks, guidebooks, journals, reference works, etc., and links to useful websites. Contains a "My OBO" function that allows users to create personalized bibliographies of individual citations from different bibliographies.
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