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Finding Raw Text Online
Below are some resources for finding raw text online. If you are looking for specific works that you cannot find through any of these resouces, please make an appointment with me and we can look together. 
Raw Text Resources
Project Gutenberg Unrestricted Resource Some full text available
A collection of over 50,000 ebooks, primarily from the Western cultural tradition, including works of literature, science, philosophy, law, religion, history and art. TXT files can easily be downloaded for most items.

Internet Archive Unrestricted Resource
Internet Archive is a non-profit library of millions of free books, movies, software, music, and more. Many entries include easily accessible raw text.

Wright Collection of American Literature at Indiana Unrestricted Resource
Lyle H. Wright, a librarian at the Huntington Library in San Marino, CA, created a bibliography of American fiction from the years 1851-1875, published. He listed a total of 2,923 titles in adult fiction, including "novels, novelettes, romances, short stories, tall tales, tract-like tales, allegories, and fictitious biographies and travels, in prose," msot of which are available in raw text.

eBooks@Adelaide Unrestricted Resource
A collection of approximately 3,000 ebooks in HTML format.

Text Creation Partnership Unrestricted Resource
This database is comprised of Early English Books Online (texts published in English, 1473-1700), Eighteenth Century Collections Online (works published in the UK and US during the 18th C) and the Evans Early American Imprint Collection (works printed in the US, 1640-1821). TXT files can be downloaded from this site.

Literature Online Texts Restricted Resource
This database contains a wide variety of texts, including poetry, drama and prose, published in Britain, the United States, Canada and the Caribbean from 600 CE to the present. Raw text can be cut from the webpage and pasted into a TXT file. 

Women Writers Online Restricted Resource
Full text collection of pre-Victorian (1400-1850) literature by women. From Brown University. Text can be cut from the website and pasted into a TXT document.

Short Stories from East of the Web Unrestricted Resource
A collection of both newly published and classic short stoies from East of the Wed.

Classics in ASCII Unrestricted Resource
A collection of public domain fiction and non-fiction TXT files. 

Shakespeare Corpus @ Wheaton Unrestricted Resource
Put together by Wheaton's Lexomics group, this collection features all thirty nine of Shakespeare's plays in the literary canon. There are two ways of accessing the full and parsed sections of the plays. Though redundant, we thought it would be most helpful to users to be able to have different parsings at their fingertips; to be able to download and organize the content in different ways for text analysis access and use.

Internet Shakespeare Additions Unrestricted Resource
This cite includes raw text versions of Shakespeare's works. Most entries include two versions of the text, one with old-spelling and one with modern spelling.
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