Crip Theory by Robert McRuer
Discusses compulsory able-bodiedness, capitalism, interdependency, and the interplay between queer theory and disability studies. (Ebook; print also available.)

Disability Histories edited by Susan Burch and Michael A. Rembis
Critical analyses of gender, race, historical context, and other cultural factors as they integrate with disability and disability studies. (Print book.)

Introducing Disability Studies by Ronald J. Berger
A comprehensive introduction to the key themes and controversies in disability studies. (Print book.)

"The Spoon Theory" by Christine Miserandino
An analogy for chronic illness that is frequently used by people with disabilities/chronic illness. (Blog post.)
Deaf Poets Society
Online journal of disability literature and art.

I'm Not Your Inspiration, Thank You Very Much
The brilliant and hilarious Stella Young explains why disability inspiration porn is terrible. (Video, includes transcript.)

Shit People Say to Sick and Disabled Queers
"Have you tried acupuncture?" and so much more. (Video with captions.)

Sins Invalid
A performance project on disability and sexuality, centralizing artists of color and queer/trans artists.
Activist Blogs
Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha: Brown Star Girl
"queer disabled femme of color writer, performance artist, educator"

Nomy Lamm: The Whole Wide World
Writing and art by a "bad ass, fat ass, Jew, dyke amputee."

s.e. smith: This Ain't Livin'
"liberation for some is justice for none"
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Further Resources
Ableist Word Profile
Although this blog is no longer active, the archives remain. The ableist word profile provides documentation and discussion for why certain terms are ableist. Scroll continuously or Control-F to locate specific terms.

Disability and Access Toolkit
Includes accessibility and allyship guidelines and disability justice resources.

Disability Terminology Starter Kit
Respectful language for talking about disability and with people with disabilities.
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