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Collins French Dictionary and Grammar Restricted Resource
French-English dictionary; via Credo Reference.

Larousse Dictionnaire Français-Anglais Unrestricted Resource Some full text available
French-English and English-French dictionary, containing more than 250,000 entries and more than 400,000 translations. 

Larousse Dictionnaire de Français Unrestricted Resource Some full text available
Monolingual French dictionary, with more than 135,000 word definitions, synonyms, and idioms. 

Foreign Language Business Dictionaries Restricted Resource Some full text available

Cover of Business French DictionaryCover of Business German DictionaryCover of Business Spanish Dictionary

From Peter Collin Publishing, these dictionaries provide specialized business vocabulary in French, German, and Spanish.

Encyclopedias & Handbooks


Encyclopédie Larousse Unrestricted Resource Some full text available Resource contains images Resource contains video Resource contains audio
Comprehensive encyclopedia, in French.

Credo Reference Restricted Resource Some full text availableopenURL Resource contains images
Digital library of over 700 cross-searchable reference books in a wide variety of disciplines. A great starting point for your research that also leads you right to the library catalog and other databases.

For a quick and up-to-date overview on France, check the CIA World Factbook - France Unrestricted Resource .


Medieval France: An Encyclopedia
In-depth handbook on French history during the Middle Ages (5th-15th centuries). 1995.  Call Number: Ref. ​DC33.2 .M44 1995. 

Transnational France: The Modern History of a Universal Nation Restricted Resource Some full text available
General history of France from the Revolution to the present, with a focus on the country's international connections, particularly its overseas empire. 2015.

France and the Americas: Culture, Politics, and History Restricted Resource Some full text available
Specialized encyclopedia covering the influence of France and the Americas on each other; via Credo Reference.

Francophone Literature & Culture

Encyclopedia of Contemporary French Culture Restricted Resource Some full text available
Comprehensive compendium on culture, literature, and the arts in France, with a primary focus on the period since the end of World War II. 2002.

Encyclopedia of Modern French Thought Unrestricted Resource Some full text available
Provides brief biographies of major philosophers, literary theorists, sociologists, etc., as well as entries on broad trends in the humanities and social sciences in France in the nineteenth and particularly the twentieth century. 2004.  Call Number: DC33.7 .E55 2004. 

Feminist Encyclopedia of French Literature Restricted Resource Some full text available
Provides brief biographical entries about the lives and works of French women writers. 1999. 

LITAF Unrestricted Resource
Extensive bibliography of Francophone African literature. In French.