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Resources and helpful information for your research in economics.

APA Style Guides

Citation Managers

Citation managers can help you save, organize, and share research and citations. We support three different managers, ZoteroBib, Zotero, and Mendeley. Here are the highlights of each to help you choose which is best for you: 


  • You are unable, or don't want to, download software. 
  • You only need the in-text citations or bibliography, you aren't interested in storing and organizing your sources. 
  • You are only using one device. 
  • You need a one-off citation or bibliography for a single project. 


  • You plan to use your sources in multiple projects 
  • You want to collaborate with others and share your sources. 
  • You want to store and organize your sources. 
  • You want to use Word or Google Doc add-ins to quickly create your in-text citations and bibliographies. 
  • You want to sync your sources across multiple devices. 
  • You plan to search library databases and/or use non-PDF sources. 


  • You plan to use sources that are primarily PDFs.
  • You want to annotate and highlight your PDFs directly in the software. 
  • You want to collaborate with others and share your sources with a group smaller than 3. 
  • You want the option to work through web or the desktop application. 
  • You want to use Word to quickly create your in-text citations and bibliographies. 

ZoteroBib is a free service that helps you build a bibliography instantly from any computer or device, without creating an account or installing any software. Your bibliography is stored in your browser’s local storage by default. You can close the page and return to it later, and your bibliography will still be there — no need to worry about saving your data or logging in.

How to Get Started:

Adding References

  • Go to ZoteroBib
  • Enter a URL, ISBN, DOI, Title, anXiv ID, PMID in the search box and click Cite.
  • The citation will appear below the search box. You can edit or delete it at this stage.
  • Items added should also show under the section Bibliography.


Bibliography and citation styles

  • Select citation styles from the dropdown menu, e.g. select APA 6th edition from the list.
  • If something is missing from a reference, e.g. author's name, click the reference to open an editing box. Make changes to the record and click Done.


In-text citations and footnotes in Word

  • Click the Copy Citation icon on the right of a citation


  • Add page numbers if you use a direct quote, or omit author, click Copy Citation
  • Paste this in-text citation onto your word document


Export Bibliography

  • Select an export option to export references


For more assistance with using ZoteroBib, visit their help site

Zotero is a free, powerful, easy-to-use research tool that helps you gather, organize, and analyze citations and sources such as pdfs and websites, and then share the results of your research. This personal library of sources can work with your word processing tool to format a paper in your choice of style.

How to Get Started: 

Zotero Account

logo for Zotero


  • Use Google Chrome or Firefox browser
  • Go to the Zotero Download page 
    • The site will automatically detect your operating system (Win, Mac, Linux*) and browser.
    • Note: Zotero DOES NOT work with Chromebooks or Office 365
  • Download Zotero 5.0 and browser Connector

Installation of Zotero

  • Close any Microsoft Office programs (e.g. Word)
  • Open the downloaded Zotero file (.exe or .dmg).
  • Follow the installation directions
    • Zotero and an MS Word add-in will be installed
  • Open the Zotero program
    • Click on the "Zotero" menu at the top left of your screen and select preferences.
    • Click on the "Sync" tab at the top of the preferences box, and enter your Zotero account username and password.
  • Open MS Word
    • Notice the word Zotero on your toolbar.

Installation of Browser Connector (Add-on/extension)

  • Install the Zotero Connector for your browser (best with Chrome or Firefox)
    • Browser may restart after installation
    • You'll notice a Zotero icon (a "Z" or a small rectangle) on the right side of your browser toolbar.



Zotero has an excellent help section, or you can schedule an appointment with a librarian. 

Mendeley is a reference manager, academic collaboration network, and crowdsourced database with a unique layer of social information research. Mendeley Reference Manager is available on Mac, Windows and Linux. There is also a free app through iTunes or Google Play

How to Get Started: Logo for Mendeley

Mendeley has an excellent help section, or you can schedule an appointment with a librarian.