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The Wallace Library's Digital Initiatives department collaborates with librarians, archivists, faculty, students and other institutional divisions on digital projects that advance the academic mission of the College. We support teaching, learning and pedagogy by leveraging our technical expertise and disciplinary experience. We can help you develop and manage projects, write relevant grant proposals, design and maintain web applications, evaluate digital platforms for project implementation, create and embed metadata schemata, conceptualize systems and navigate issues of copyright, licensing, fair use and digital citizenship.

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Our Digital Collections


The Wheaton College Digital Repository

Wheaton College's digital repository is a platform where we collect, preserve and distribute born-digital and digitized scholarship and materials. Like the Marion B. Gebbie Class of 1901 Archives and Special Collections, the digital repository serves as an important hub for the preservation of Wheaton's legacy by making collections accessible and promoting scholarly communications. The Digital Initiatives department curates the collections featured here. Contact us to learn more about our collection development policy. Note: To access the entirety of the Repository, you will need to login with your Wheaton wID and password.
Collections in the Digital Repository

College Communications Official publications of Wheaton College offices

Curricular Materials Courses offered at Wheaton College and their syllabi

Faculty Governance Meeting minutes and supporting documents from the Academic Division of the College

Resources for Teaching & Research Learning objects derived from student- and faculty-authored research and digital projects

Works by Faculty Faculty-authored research and projects

Works by Students Student-authored research, journals, theses, literature and visual arts

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Niké Yearbooks

Published continuously since 1916 and digitized in 2021, Niké is the Wheaton College yearbook. Previously known as simplyThe Wheaton Yearbook, Niké was named as such in 1918 for the goddess also known as 'Winged Victory' or the Goddess of Victory. Niké was the daughter of of the Titan Pallas and of goddess Styx, and often bestowed fame and glory to the victorious. The chosen title was a way to honor graduating seniors with hope for their promising futures.

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ArtSTOR has partnered with museums, libraries, photographers and photographic archives to create an enormous collection of images for teaching and research in the arts, humanities and social sciences. ArtSTOR works with scholars, libraries and archives to develop depth and richness in areas that are especially important to the community. 
Wheaton's Collections in ArtSTOR

Wheaton College Banner Collection

A collection of commencement and reunion banners, 1901-Present.

Wheaton College Campus Views

A collection of art and architecture brochures and publications featuring the Wheaton College campus.

Wheaton College Digital Resources for Teaching and Research

A collection published for the 2019 Council of Independent College's Consortium on Digital Resources for Teaching and Research grant. The purpose of this collection is to demonstrate how 3D models can be presented on JSTOR forum. For more information on how 3D models are created, please reference the "Instructables" document in this collection.

Marion B. Gebbie Archives Image Collection

A collection of archival photographs that encompasses the people, places, events and traditions unique to Wheaton College.

Wheaton College Shell Collection

A collection of seashells from Wheaton's biology department that represents many species of mollusks. All were collected at different times and by many collectors and are made available on ArtSTOR thanks to funding from the Council of Independent Colleges' Consortium on Digital Resources for Teaching and Research.

Wheaton College Permanent Collection

A collection of images of art and artifacts from Wheaton's Permanent (art) Collection. Click here to learn more about and visit the Permanent Collection webpage

Note: To access this collection, you’ll need to provide your Wheaton wID and password.

Wheaton College Visual Resources Collection

A collection of images for teaching and research at Wheaton College.

Note: To access this collection, you’ll need to provide your Wheaton wID and password.

Wheaton College Virtual Picture Book Collection

The picture books featured in this collection were completed as the final project for the fall 2020 Education 240 course, Multiple Perspectives on Literacy, taught by Mary Lee Prescott-Griffin, Ph.D., Professor of Education and Co-Founder, Wheaton Contemplative Studies Initiative (CSI) at Wheaton College.

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Archive-It is the leading web archiving solution for a wide range of organizations, including academic, federal, state or local libraries, archives, and other cultural heritage institutions. The Wheaton College Web Archive is a collection of snapshots of Wheaton's web presence from July 2020 to present.



ArchivesSpace is the database from which you can search our archival holdings.

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Our Services

Here's what we can do for faculty, staff and students at Wheaton:


Data Visualization

Want to know more about digital tools for data visualization? We can help you curate and imagine data using Tableau, Plectica, Palladio, TimelineJS, Dedoose and many other applications.


Platform Evaluation

Need a home for your digital objects, project or portfolio? We have web development experience and can help you assess your needs and the best tools currently available for web hosting, content management, web design and digital asset management.


Digital Preservation

Need a plan to maintain and sustain your digital objects and other bits and bytes? Organization and long-term preservation of intellectual work is a challenge crucial to sharing our cultural heritage. We are happy to research and help implement best practices for conservation and enduring access to your important resources.


Imaging and Digitization

We have the capability to digitize photos, slides, text, audiovisual material, some oversize materials and even 3D objects. Our team can instruct you in the use of digitization equipment and photo editing software and help you get a sense of the scope of your project and the shape of your workflow. See our staff profiles for more information about our services.

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Our Work

Check out some of the projects we've been working on:

Modeling and Viewing 3D Artwork at Wheaton College

Digital Edition Publishing Cooperative for Historical Accounts


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