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Citations Module

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Learning Objectives

  • Understand when and why to cite sources

  • Identify the parts of a citation

  • Explore different citation styles

  • Determine how to integrate citations into one’s own research


Coordinating Classroom Activities

Find & Cite (15-20 minutes)

Students will locate two sources with limited information provided to them, once found they must cite each item in the citation style of your choice. This activity reinforces the importance of keeping detailed notes about sources as well as gives them practice locating a known source and writing citations. Divide students into pairs or small groups, give each group one handout. Students will need to locate the source with the limited information they are given. Once found, they will answer the questions on the handout and create a citation for the source with the additional information they find. Alternatively, you could use a Padlet to document the group's findings in lieu of the handout. 

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