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Literature Review Module

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Learning Objectives

  • Understand what ‘literature’ is and why one would conduct a literature review

  • Identify sources to use in a literature review

  • Strategize how to organize sources to write a literature review


Coordinating Classroom Activities


Modeling the Use of Sources (15-20 minutes)

Select an article or articles of your choosing and distribute them to your students, either electronic or in print. Working either individually or in small groups, ask students to locate instances in the article where the author uses a source for different purposes (statistics, theory, background, methods, problem, interpreting meaning from findings, etc.) You could give them a list of ways to use a source (such as the one from the previous sentence) or you can let the students determine on their own how the source is being used. If you handed out physical copies of the article(s), you can have students circle or highlight the instance and write a note of how the author used a source. If you elect to use electronic sources, you can have your students record their findings through a Jamboard or by using the annotation tool Have students share findings and discuss the different ways a source can be used in the students’ own work. 

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