Madeleine Clark Wallace Library

Library Policies


In accordance with the Code of Ethics of the ALA, Wallace Library staff must support each patron’s right to privacy with respect information sought or received and any information pertaining to borrowing and/or usage history. Additionally, the Library adheres to the ALA’s Policy on Confidentiality of Library Records and  Confidentiality of Personally Identifiable Information about Library Users. Consistent with these policies, the Wallace Library will keep all library materials that are used, borrowed, or requested confidential within the library.

Food & Drink

You may bring food and drinks into the library. In order to keep the library clean, we ask that you:

  • Use a covered container for drinks
  • Throw away food trash and wipe up crumbs
  • Alert staff to any messes or other building issues (e.g. broken furniture, clogged sinks, leaks, etc.) to the Information Desk in the Atrium or through our anonymous reporting form.

Please note: Wallace Library is not an allergen free environment.

Study Carrels

The Library assigns reserved study carrels, upon request, to Honors Thesis Students who fill out a carrel request form available at the Information Desk. Carrels are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

The following regulations govern the use of library carrels:

  • Library materials must be checked out at the Information Desk. Books that will be left in the carrel need to have a green carrel flag in each book. This flag alerts staff that the book is checked out and will prevent it from being returned to the stacks. Carrel flags are available at the Information Desk. Access Services staff members reserve the right to inspect the carrel at any time during the semester. Materials not checked out will be removed and returned to circulation. Books are subject to recall and must be returned immediately.
  • Periodicals, reference books, reserve materials, and Interlibrary Loan books may not be kept in the carrel.
  • The Library will not be responsible for damage, theft, or loss to personal property left in the carrel. You will be responsible for the replacement costs of missing Library materials checked out to you.
  • Adjacent carrels are in use – please be courteous.
  • Carrel reservations are for the academic year, September-May. Please return all books to the Access Services Department and remove other materials from the carrel by the May due date.
  • Carrel assignee will abide by the library Food and Drink Policy. No food is allowed in the carrel overnight.
  • Misuse of the carrel may result in the loss of carrel privileges.

The student assigned to the carrel has first rights to its use. It is assumed that others will use the carrel when it is not in use. The carrel assignee has the right to ask other users to move when the carrel is needed.

Private Tutors

Tutors who provide their services to Wheaton students on a privately contracted basis are guests who must comply with the college's guest policy, as well as library policies and procedures:

  • Private tutors must be accompanied by their student tutee and register at the Information Desk upon arrival. Be prepared to show a valid ID to receive a guest’s pass.
  • The Library has designated one space on the Periodical’s Level near the stairwell of the marble staircase as our library tutoring space. It is appropriately placed to honor the need for quiet for all students and to respect the privacy of the tutee. The area is for tutors on a “first-come, first-served” basis. Other space may be assigned at the discretion of Library staff.
  • The tutoring space is available until 8pm Sun-Thu and until 3pm on Fri during the academic year, including exam period, and until the library closes during the non-academic year.
  • Private tutors must observe appropriate standards of conduct while using the Library.

We appreciate your cooperation in complying with these policies and procedures.

Non-Wheaton affiliated tutors must work with Conference & Events services to establish a contract to use Wheaton facilities.


Guests are welcome to use the facilities and resources of the Wallace Library Mon-Fri 8am-6pm during the academic year. During the non-academic year, the library is open to guests Mon-Fri 8:30am-4:30pm. The Marion B. Gebbie Archives & Special Collections, located in the library, is open to guests by appointment only.