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Theresa Pedrotti (she/her)
Wallace Library G20 (Periodicals Level)
(508) 286-3714
Theresa Pedrotti is the Acquisitions Specialist for the Wallace Library. She serves as accounts payable, keeping track of payments and budget, and covers ordering for class reserves, as well as book processing and minor repairs, and vendor and faculty correspondence for orders and billing. Before returning to her native New England to work here at Wheaton, she spent 16 years at the Georgia State University Library as the Senior Accounting Assistant and was happy to have been part of their team. Contact Theresa with any questions regarding billing or reserves orders.

Theresa has been working in libraries since college, where she started as a student employee. She fondly recalls her days at the old RISD library where she was sent out into the stacks with a card catalog drawer to go book by book, penciling in missing Library of Congress card catalog numbers onto the cards to be used to enter the collection data onto a list in a… computer! Back in the day!

Outside of work, Theresa is an artist and a mother of two – also artists! Please drop by her office to see some of the kids’ masterpieces or visit or if you are interested in seeing some of Theresa’s work. Theresa processes her own pigment from rocks, minerals and colored earths, she sculpts in wood and earth, and also builds and works with puppets, mostly marionettes. She is a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design, class of 1993 holding a BFA in Painting, and a member of the Attleboro Fine Arts Museum, where she displays work in their group and benefit shows. Here at Wheaton, she enjoys frequenting the Beard and Weil Galleries in Watson, and is a huge fan of our two beautiful Fine Arts Mezzanines in our wonderful Library.

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