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Cary Gouldin (she/her)
Humanities & Student Success Librarian
Wallace Library 203 (Clark Room at the top of the marble stairs)
(508) 286-3924
Cary Gouldin is the Humanities & Student Success Librarian for Wallace Library. She can help you find books, articles, images and other sources, introduce you to subject-specific resources, and help you improve your search skills. She can also help with citations and citation managers, Google Apps, Microsoft Office, WordPress, and other software. Use the buttons to the left to email her or schedule an appointment.

Cary also provides in-class information and technology literacy instruction and instructional design services, as well as support for and Digital Humanities and other teaching with technology initiatives, including digital storytelling, web design, and social media in the classroom.

Cary served as one of three Founding Co-Directors of the College's Center for Collaborative Teaching and Learning (CCTL), 2019-2022.

Cary holds an MSIS from the University at Albany, SUNY, where she also spent two years as a reference librarian. She received a BA in English with a minor in Art History from Colby College. A stereotypical librarian in some respects–she is an avid reader, knitter and cardigan wearer–Cary bucks expectations in others: she does not own any cats and she hates shushing people.

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