Madeleine Clark Wallace Library

FYE Instruction

We believe that all students should begin their college career with a basic foundation of information in the academic environment, regardless of their experiences prior to entering college. To help reach this goal, we’ve developed two flexible sessions, each with an asynchronous module and an in-person synchronous session tailored to specific course needs.

We'll work with you to customize the sessions to meet the needs and goals of your course. You can embed the asynchronous modules into your Canvas site as a graded assignment, ungraded assignment, or a page. Your students will complete the modules prior to the in-person session in which we explore the concepts introduced in the modules through active learning and group work.

To schedule sessions for your FYE, please email


Finding Information

Asynchronous Module

This asynchronous module + in-person session introduces students to: 

  • the information landscape of academia as well as the services and resources available to them; 
  • explores the development of effective search strategies for finding a variety of information; 
  • examines different types of information and their uses; and 
  • acquaints them with tools and methods for tracking and organizing research. 


Documenting Information

Asynchronous Module

This asynchronous module + in-person session introduces students to: 

  • citations and their role in the scholarly conversation and academic writing; 
  • examines the incorporation of sources into one's work including tips to avoid plagiarism; and
  • explores the creation of citations using style guides as well as recommended citation generators and managers.