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Build your digital teaching toolbox

In addition to the opportunities provided by LTLC, the library's Research & Instruction department supports faculty and students in the selection and use of a variety of digital teaching and learning tools. When it comes to tools, remember that the tool itself is not the most important thing; it's what you want to do with it, and what you are trying to achieve. Paper and pen are technology, too. Consider the framework below, and the suggested tools to get started building your own digital teaching toolbox!


Support Request

Create a support ticket for instructional technology.

Request a Tool

Use this form to start a conversation about a tool you've been dreaming of.

Review a Tool

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Core Tools

This is our learning management system. It provides powerful capabilities for course content delivery, instructional design, student engagement and assessment.

LMS Retention Policy

Canvas support documentation

Canvas Studio
This is our lecture capture and video management system. It is fully integrated with Canvas and provides exciting and interactive possibilities for synchronous and asynchronous learning.

Canvas Studio support documentation
Zoom is used for videoconferencing and as a pedagogical tool for synchronous online interaction. To create an account in the Wheaton College group, contact Media Services
Domain of One's Own
A powerful hosting platform for students to claim and create their digital space. Supports installations of Wordpress, Omeka, Scalar, and many other applications. Currently, R&I supports hosting projects connected to student learning. Fill out this form to propose your project or get started with our Domains module.