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Martin Luther King, Jr. Legacy Celebration Arts Showcase

White Recognition of Systemic Racism

Inspiration: I created this PSA during Writing in Professional Contexts with Professor Lisa Lebduska this past Fall semester. We were given the option to make a PSA relating to the BLM movement or mask wearing. With these options I decided to bring attention the gross prominence of White Supremacy in this country in a way that was accessible and understandable to white people specifically. Rather than lecturing on white supremacy, I wanted to make something that people could connect to, and really look at and reflect on. For this reason, I used photos, comics, and graphics from various artists to expose the pieces of White Supremacy that people do not necessarily see and understand in their everyday life. While creating this PSA I spent a lot of time really thinking and connecting to the research that I was doing. My eyes were opened to many upsetting and frustrating statistics that prove the need for immediate change in this country. With this PSA I hope to open the eyes of the viewers in the same way that this research opened my eyes and caused me to reflect on myself and the world around me.


Submitted by Margot Hopkins