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Sociology & Anthropology Senior Research Symposium 2022

Poster Session

Sofie Weston



Do Romance Movies Hinder Love

Classic love stories such as The Notebook, Pretty Woman, Along Came Polly, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, and Dirty Dancing all tell a story of the act of falling in love. Many such films portray a certain Hollywood notion of a woman not fully being complete until she meets the man of her dreams; typical plot points include  the way she meets him and how he treats her. I chose to research the relationship between the consumption of romance movies and young women’s own ideas about romantic relationships. For example, do they find that their relationships with potential partners are not adequate enough and or are not up to their “standards”? I focused on women who are interested in men, considering that most romantic movies are heterosexual. I wanted to study if the female audience of these movies are consuming the content as reality or if they perceive it as fiction and produce no expectation that their potential relationships should look like that.